Warren Commission (11 of 26): Hearings Vol. XI (of 15)

Warren Commission (11 of 26): Hearings Vol. XI (of 15)

United States. Warren Commission
United States. Warren Commission

Author: United States. Warren Commission
John F. (John Fitzgerald)
1917-1963 — Assassination
Lee Harvey
Warren Commission (11 of 26): Hearings Vol. XI (of 15)
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Before the President’s Commission
on the Assassination
of President Kennedy

Pursuant To Executive Order 11130, an Executive order creating a Commission to ascertain, evaluate, and report upon the facts relating to the assassination of the late President John F. Kennedy and the subsequent violent death of the man charged with the assassination and S.J. Res. 137, 88th Congress, a concurrent resolution conferring upon the Commission the power to administer oaths and affirmations, examine witnesses, receive evidence, and issue subpenas

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Chief Justice Earl Warren, Chairman

  • Senator Richard B. Russell
  • Senator John Sherman Cooper
  • Representative Hale Boggs
  • Representative Gerald R. Ford
  • Mr. Allen W. Dulles
  • Mr. John J. McCloy
  • J. Lee Rankin, General Counsel
  • Assistant Counsel
  • Francis W. H. Adams
  • Joseph A. Ball
  • David W. Belin
  • William T. Coleman, Jr.
  • Melvin Aron Eisenberg
  • Burt W. Griffin
  • Leon D. Hubert, Jr.
  • Albert E. Jenner, Jr.
  • Wesley J. Liebeler
  • Norman Redlich
  • W. David Slawson
  • Arlen Specter
  • Samuel A. Stern
  • Howard P. WillensA
  • Staff Members
  • Phillip Barson
  • Edward A. Conroy
  • John Hart Ely
  • Alfred Goldberg
  • Murray J. Laulicht
  • Arthur Marmor
  • Richard M. Mosk
  • John J. O’Brien
  • Stuart Pollak
  • Alfredda Scobey
  • Charles N. Shaffer, Jr.

Biographical information on the Commissioners and the staff can be found in the Commission’s Report.

AMr. Willens also acted as liaison between the Commission and the Department of Justice.


The testimony of the following witnesses is contained in volume XI: John Edward Pic, Lee Harvey Oswald’s halfbrother; Edward John Pic, Jr., John Edward Pic’s father; Kerry Wendell Thornley, a Marine Corps acquaintance of Oswald; George B. Church, Jr., Mrs. George B. Church, Jr., and Billy Joe Lord, who were on the boat Oswald took when he left the United States for Russia; Alexander Kleinlerer, Mrs. Donald Gibson, Ruth Hyde Paine, Michael Ralph Paine, and Gary Taylor, who became acquainted with Oswald and his wife after their return to Texas in 1962; M. Waldo George, the Oswald’s landlord at Neely Street in Dallas; William Kirk Stuckey, who gave testimony relating to Oswald’s political views; Horace Elroy Twiford and Estelle Twiford, who gave testimony relating to the date and route of Oswald’s trip to Mexico in 1963; Virginia H. James, James D. Crowley, James L. Ritchie, and Carroll Hamilton Seeley, Jr., of the U.S. State Department; Louis Feldsott, who gave testimony relating to the purchase of the C2766 rifle; J. Philip Lux and Albert C. Yeargan, Jr., employees of sporting-goods stores in Dallas; Howard Leslie Brennan, who was present at the assassination scene; Louis Weinstock, an official of the Communist Party, Vincent T. Lee, an official of the Fair Play for Cuba Committee, and Farrell Dobbs, an official of the Socialist Workers Party, who testified concerning contacts Oswald had with their groups; Virginia Gray, who gave testimony concerning a letter written by Oswald; Albert F. Staples, who gave testimony concerning records relating to Marina Oswald; Katherine Mallory, Monica Kramer, and Rita Naman, who encountered Oswald while touring Russia in 1961; John Bryan McFarland, Meryl McFarland, and Pamela Mumford, who were on the bus Oswald took to Mexico in the fall of 1963; Dial Duwayne Ryder, Hunter Schmidt, Jr., Charles W. Greener, Gertrude Hunter, Edith Whitworth, James Lehrer, and Mrs. Lee Harvey Oswald, who gave testimony concerning an allegation that Oswald had taken a rifle to a gun-repair shop in Dallas; Eugene D. Anderson and James A. Zahm, of the U.S. Marine Corps, experts on the subject of marksmanship; C. A. Hamblen, Robert Gene Fenley, and Aubrey Lee Lewis, who gave testimony concerning an allegation that Oswald was sending and receiving telegrams through a Dallas Western Union office; Dean Adams Andrews, Jr., Evaristo Rodriguez, Orest Pena, Ruperto Pena, and Sylvia Odio, who testified concerning contacts they believed they had with Oswald in New Orleans and Dallas under various circumstances; Edwin A. Walker, who testified concerning an attempt on his life on April 10, 1963, and his attorney, Clyde J. Watts; Ivan D. Lee, an agent of the FBI, who gave testimony regarding photographs which he took of General Walker’s residence; Bernard Weissman, who paid for an advertisement concerning President Kennedy which appeared in a Dallas newspaper on November 22, 1963; Warren Allen Reynolds, who was present in the vicinity of the Tippit crime scene; Priscilla Mary Post Johnson, who interviewed Oswald in Moscow; Eric Rogers, who lived in the same building as Oswald and his wife in New Orleans in 1963; Bardwell D. Odum, James R. Malley, and Richard Helms, who testified concerning a photograph which was shown to Marguerite Oswald for purposes of identification; Peter Megargee Brown, who testified concerning records relating to Oswald when he lived in New York during his youth; Francis J. Martello of the New Orleans Police Department, who interrogated Oswald in August 1963; John Corporon, an official of a New Orleans broadcasting station; Mrs. J. V. Allen, who testified concerning the schooling of Oswald’s brothers; Lillian Murret, Oswald’s aunt; and John W. Burcham, Emmett Charles Barbe, Jr., Hilda L. Smith, J. Rachal, Bobb Hunley, Robert J. Creel, Helen P. Cunningham, Theodore Frank Gangl, Gene Graves, and Robert L. Adams, who testified concerning Oswald’s employment history.


Preface v
Testimony of—
John Edward Pic 1
Edward John Pic, Jr 82
Kerry Wendell Thornley 82
George B. Church, Jr 115
Mrs. George B. Church, Jr 116
Billy Joe Lord 117
Alexander Kleinlerer 118
Mrs. Donald Gibson 123
Ruth Hyde Paine 153, 389
M. Waldo George 155
William Kirk Stuckey 156
Horace Elroy Twiford 179
Estelle Twiford 179
Virginia H. James 180
James L. Ritchie 191
Carroll Hamilton Seeley, Jr 193
Louis Feldsott 205
J. Philip Lux 206
Howard Leslie Brennan 206
Albert C. Yeargan, Jr 207
Louis Weinstock 207
Vincent T. Lee 208
Farrell Dobbs 208
Virginia Gray 209
Albert F. Staples 210
Katherine Mallory 210
Monica Kramer 212
Rita Naman 213
John Bryan McFarland and Meryl McFarland 214
Pamela Mumford 215
Dial Duwayne Ryder 224
Hunter Schmidt, Jr 240
Charles W. Greener 245
Gertrude Hunter 253
Edith Whitworth 262
Mrs. Lee Harvey Oswald, Edith Whitworth, and Gertrude Hunter 275
Eugene D. Anderson 301
James A. Zahm 306
C. A. Hamblen 311
Robert Gene Fenley 314
Aubrey Lee Lewis 318
Dean Adams Andrews, Jr 325
Evaristo Rodriguez 339
Orest Pena 346
Ruperto Pena 364
Sylvia Odio 367
Michael Ralph Paine 398
Edwin A. Walker and Clyde J. Watts 404
Bernard Weissman 428
Warren Allen Reynolds 434
Priscilla Mary Post Johnson 442
Eric Rogers 460
James Lehrer 464
Bardwell D. Odum 468
James R. Malley 468
Richard Helms 469
Peter Megargee Brown 470
Gary Taylor 470
Francis L. Martello 471
John Corporon 471
Mrs. J. V. Allen 472
Lillian Murret 472
John W. Burcham 473
Emmett Charles Barbe, Jr 473
Hilda L. Smith 474
J. Rachal 474
Bobb Hunley 476
Robert J. Creel 477
Helen P. Cunningham 477
Theodore Frank Gangl 478
Gene Graves 479
Robert L. Adams 480
Ivan D. Lee 481
James D. Crowley 482



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Warren Commission (11 of 26): Hearings Vol. XI (of 15)
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