Warren Commission (10 of 26): Hearings Vol. X (of 15)

Warren Commission (10 of 26): Hearings Vol. X (of 15)

United States. Warren Commission
United States. Warren Commission

Author: United States. Warren Commission
John F. (John Fitzgerald)
1917-1963 — Assassination
Lee Harvey
Warren Commission (10 of 26): Hearings Vol. X (of 15)
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Before the President’s Commission
on the Assassination
of President Kennedy

Pursuant To Executive Order 11130, an Executive order creating a Commission to ascertain, evaluate, and report upon the facts relating to the assassination of the late President John F. Kennedy and the subsequent violent death of the man charged with the assassination and S.J. Res. 137, 88th Congress, a concurrent resolution conferring upon the Commission the power to administer oaths and affirmations, examine witnesses, receive evidence, and issue subpenas

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Chief Justice Earl Warren, Chairman

  • Senator Richard B. Russell
  • Senator John Sherman Cooper
  • Representative Hale Boggs
  • Representative Gerald R. Ford
  • Mr. Allen W. Dulles
  • Mr. John J. McCloy
  • J. Lee Rankin, General Counsel
  • Assistant Counsel
  • Francis W. H. Adams
  • Joseph A. Ball
  • David W. Belin
  • William T. Coleman, Jr.
  • Melvin Aron Eisenberg
  • Burt W. Griffin
  • Leon D. Hubert, Jr.
  • Albert E. Jenner, Jr.
  • Wesley J. Liebeler
  • Norman Redlich
  • W. David Slawson
  • Arlen Specter
  • Samuel A. Stern
  • Howard P. WillensA
  • Staff Members
  • Phillip Barson
  • Edward A. Conroy
  • John Hart Ely
  • Alfred Goldberg
  • Murray J. Laulicht
  • Arthur Marmor
  • Richard M. Mosk
  • John J. O’Brien
  • Stuart Pollak
  • Alfredda Scobey
  • Charles N. Shaffer, Jr.

Biographical information on the Commissioners and the staff can be found in the Commission’s Report.

A Mr. Willens also acted as liaison between the Commission and the Department of Justice.


The testimony of the following witnesses is contained in volume X: Everett D. Glover, who became acquainted with Lee Harvey Oswald following his return to Texas in 1962; Carlos Bringuier, Francis L. Martello, Charles Hall Steele, Jr., Charles Hall Steele, Sr., Philip Geraci III, Vance Blalock, Vincent T. Lee, Arnold Samuel Johnson, James J. Tormey, Farrell Dobbs, and John J. Abt, who testified concerning Oswald’s political activities and associations; Helen P. Cunningham, R. L. Adams, Donald E. Brooks, Irving Statman, Tommy Bargas, Robert L. Stovall, John G. Graef, Dennis Hyman Ofstein, and Charles Joseph Le Blanc, who testified concerning Oswald’s employment history; Adrian Thomas Alba, who was acquainted with Oswald in New Orleans in 1963; Chester Allen Riggs, Jr., Mr. and Mrs. Mahlon F. Tobias, Sr., Mr. and Mrs. Jesse J. Garner, Richard Leroy Hulen, Colin Barnhorst, and Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Carl Johnson, who testified concerning Oswald’s various residences; and Clifton M. Shasteen, Leonard Edwin Hutchison, Frank Pizzo, Albert Guy Bogard, Floyd Guy Davis, Virginia Louise Davis, Malcolm Howard Price, Jr., Garland Glenwill Slack, Dr. Homer Wood, Sterling Charles Wood, Theresa Wood, Glenn Emmett Smith, W. W. Semingsen, and Laurance R. Wilcox, who testified concerning contacts they believed they had with Oswald under varying circumstances.


Preface v
Testimony of—
Everett D. Glover. 1
Carlos Bringuier 32
Francis L. Martello. 51
Charles Hall Steele, Jr 62
Charles Hall Steele, Sr 71
Philip Geraci III 74
Vance Blalock 81
Vincent T. Lee 86
Arnold Samuel Johnson 95
James J. Tormey 107
Farrell Dobbs 109
John J. Abt 116
Helen P. Cunningham 117
R. L. Adams 136
Donald E. Brooks 143
Irving Statman 149
Tommy Bargas 160
Robert L. Stovall 167
John G. Graef 174
Dennis Hyman Ofstein 194
Charles Joseph Le Blanc 213
Adrian Thomas Alba 219
Chester Allen Riggs, Jr 229
Mrs. Mahlon F. Tobias 231
M. F. Tobias, Sr 251
Mrs. Jesse Garner 264
Jesse J. Garner 276
Richard Leroy Hulen 277
Colin Barnhorst 284
Mrs. Arthur Carl (Gladys J.) Johnson 292
A. C. Johnson 301
Clifton M. Shasteen 309
Leonard Edwin Hutchison 327
Frank Pizzo 340
Albert Guy Bogard 352
Floyd Guy Davis 356
Virginia Louise Davis 363
Malcolm Howard Price, Jr 369
Garland Glenwill Slack 378
Homer Wood 385
Sterling Charles Wood 390
Theresa Wood 398
Glenn Emmett Smith 399
W. W. Semingsen 405
Laurance R. Wilcox 414


Commission Exhibit No. 427 183
Bringuier Exhibit No.:
1 42
2 41
3 44
4 46
Cunningham Exhibit No.:
1 119
1-A 119
2 121
2-A 121
3 156
3-A 156
Dobbs Exhibit No.:
1 109
2 109
3 109
4 109
5 109
6 111
7 110
8 112
9 110
10 110
11 112
12 113
13 114
Garner Exhibit No. 1 49
Hulen Exhibit No.:
1 280
2 282
3 284
4 284
5 284
6 284
7 284
8 289
9 290
10 290
11 290
12 291
13 291
14 291
15 291
Johnson (Arnold) Exhibit No.:
1 97
2 99
3 99
4 100
4-A 101
5 101
5-A 103
6 101
7 103
Johnson (Gladys) Exhibit A 294
Lee Exhibit No.:
1 87
2 88
3 88
3-A 88
4 88
5 88
6 90
7 91
8-A 91
8-B 91
8-C 91
9 91
Pizzo Exhibit No.:
453-A 350
453-B 350
453-C 350
Semingsen Exhibit No.:
3001 406
5118 406
5119 407
5120 407
5121 407
Tobias (Mrs. Mahlon F.) Exhibit No. 1 233
Tobias (Mahlon F., Sr.) Exhibit No. 2 253
Tormey Exhibit No.:
1 107
2 107
Wilcox Exhibit No.:
3002 415
3003 416
3004 416
3005 417
3006 417
3007 422
3008 423
3009 423
3010 423
3011 423
3012 423
3013 423
3014 423
3015 423
3016 424
3017 424

Hearings Before the President’s Commission
on the
Assassination of President Kennedy


The testimony of Everett D. Glover was taken at 11 a.m., on March 24, 1964, in the office of the U.S. attorney, 301 Post Office Building, Bryan and Ervay Streets, Dallas, Tex., by Mr. Albert E. Jenner, Jr., assistant counsel of the President’s Commission.
Mr. Jenner. Mr. Glover, would you stand? Do you promise to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth in response to my questions in the taking now of your deposition?
Mr. Glover. I do.
Mr. Jenner. Mr. Glover, you have received, I think, sometime last week a letter from Mr. Rankin, general counsel for the Commission, advising you we desire to take your testimony by deposition.
Mr. Glover. Advising me that you wanted to take my testimony. I don’t know whether it was specifically deposition, but yes.
Mr. Jenner. Now the Commission has been established to investigate and report all the circumstances surrounding the assassination of President Kennedy and any participation by Lee Harvey Oswald and Marina Oswald and others in that tragic event.
We understand that you had some acquaintance with the Oswalds as well as people in the community who, in turn, had an acquaintance with the Oswald’s, and that you also had an acquaintance with George De Mohrenschildt, naming him in particular, although there are others I will probably examine you about. But it is in those general areas that I will proceed.
Now you are at liberty to have counsel present should you so desire, and since you don’t appear to have anybody with you, I assume you do not wish any counsel?
Mr. Glover. That’s right.
Mr. Jenner. Your name is Everett D. Glover?
Mr. Glover. Right.
Mr. Jenner. Do you reside in Dallas, Tex.?
Mr. Glover. Right.
Mr. Jenner. Where is your present residence?
Mr. Glover. My present residence is 9838 Webbs Chapel Road, Dallas, 20.
Mr. Jenner. How long have you resided there, sir?
Mr. Glover. Since January 1, of this year, 1964.
Mr. Jenner. Where did you reside immediately prior to that?
Mr. Glover. 5723 Southwestern Boulevard. I forget the zone in Dallas.
Mr. Jenner. How long had you resided there?
Mr. Glover. Sometime around April 20, of 1963.
Mr. Jenner. I will have to keep going back. Where did you live prior to that?
Mr. Glover. I lived at 4449 Potomac in Dallas also. It is in University Park.
Mr. Jenner. For what span of time?
Mr. Glover. Span of time there, I don’t have the figures right in my mind, but approximately 2 years there.
Mr. Jenner. That would take you back to sometime in 1961?
Mr. Glover. Yes. We’d have to check these to be sure, this is approximately.
Mr. Jenner. That is sufficient. I will ask you this general question. Over how long have you resided in Dallas or the Dallas area?
Mr. Glover. Since 1955. June 2, 1955, I took a position with Socony Mobil Oil Co. and came here to work on that day. I have lived here since that time.
Mr. Jenner. Are you married?
Mr. Glover. I am married; yes.
Mr. Jenner. Do you have a family?
Mr. Glover. Well, I am married for the second time at the present time. My former wife and a son by my former marriage are living in Pennsylvania.
Mr. Jenner. Of what country are you a native?
Mr. Glover. United States.
Mr. Jenner. You were born in the United States?
Mr. Glover. Oh, yes.
Mr. Jenner. How old are you?
Mr. Glover. 47 years old.
Mr. Jenner. Where were you born in the United States?
Mr. Glover. I was born i

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Warren Commission (10 of 26): Hearings Vol. X (of 15)
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