Warren Commission (07 of 26): Hearings Vol. VII (of 15)

Warren Commission (07 of 26): Hearings Vol. VII (of 15)

United States. Warren Commission
United States. Warren Commission

Author: United States. Warren Commission
John F. (John Fitzgerald)
1917-1963 — Assassination
Lee Harvey
Warren Commission (07 of 26): Hearings Vol. VII (of 15)
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Before the President’s Commission
on the Assassination
of President Kennedy

Pursuant To Executive Order 11130, an Executive order creating a Commission to ascertain, evaluate, and report upon the facts relating to the assassination of the late President John F. Kennedy and the subsequent violent death of the man charged with the assassination and S.J. Res. 137, 88th Congress, a concurrent resolution conferring upon the Commission the power to administer oaths and affirmations, examine witnesses, receive evidence, and issue subpenas

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Chief Justice Earl Warren, Chairman

  • Senator Richard B. Russell
  • Senator John Sherman Cooper
  • Representative Hale Boggs
  • Representative Gerald R. Ford
  • Mr. Allen W. Dulles
  • Mr. John J. McCloy
  • J. Lee Rankin, General Counsel
  • Assistant Counsel
  • Francis W. H. Adams
  • Joseph A. Ball
  • David W. Belin
  • William T. Coleman, Jr.
  • Melvin Aron Eisenberg
  • Burt W. Griffin
  • Leon D. Hubert, Jr.
  • Albert E. Jenner, Jr.
  • Wesley J. Liebeler
  • Norman Redlich
  • W. David Slawson
  • Arlen Specter
  • Samuel A. Stern
  • Howard P. WillensA
  • Staff Members
  • Phillip Barson
  • Edward A. Conroy
  • John Hart Ely
  • Alfred Goldberg
  • Murray J. Laulicht
  • Arthur Marmor
  • Richard M. Mosk
  • John J. O’Brien
  • Stuart Pollak
  • Alfredda Scobey
  • Charles N. Shaffer, Jr.

Biographical information on the Commissioners and the staff can be found in the Commission’s Report.

A Mr. Willens also acted as liaison between the Commission and the Department of Justice.


The testimony of the following witnesses is contained in volume VII: Johnny Calvin Brewer, Julia Postal, Warren H. Burroughs, Bob K. Carroll, Thomas Alexander Hutson, C. T. Walker, Gerald Lynn Hill, J. M. Poe, John Gibson, James Putnam, Rio S. Pierce, Calvin Bud Owens, William Arthur Smith, George Jefferson Applin, Jr., Ray Hawkins, Sam Guinyard, and Helen Markham, who were present either in the vicinity of the Tippit crime scene or at the Texas Theatre, where Lee Harvey Oswald was arrested; L. D. Montgomery, Marvin Johnson, Seymour Weitzman, W. R. Westbrook, Elmer L. Boyd, Robert Lee Studebaker, C. N. Dhority, Richard M. Sims, Richard A. Stovall, Walter Eugene Potts, John P. Adamcik, Henry M. Moore, F. M. Turner, Guy F. Rose, W. E. Perry, Richard L. Clark, Don R. Ables, Daniel Gutierrez Lujan, C. W. Brown, L. C. Graves, James R. Leavelle, W. E. Barnes, J. B. Hicks, Harry D. Holmes, James W. Bookhout, Manning C. Clements, Gregory Lee Olds, H. Louis Nichols, and Forrest V. Sorrels, who participated in or observed various aspects of the investigation into the assassination; William J. Waldman and Mitchell J. Scibor, who testified concerning the purchase of the rifle used in the assassination; Heinz W. Michaelis, who testified concerning the purchase of the revolver used to kill Officer Tippit; J. C. Cason, Roy S. Truly, Warren Caster, Eddie Piper, William H. Shelly, and Mrs. Donald Baker, employees at the Texas School Book Depository Building; Edward Shields, an attendant at a parking lot near the TSBD; Thomas J. Kelley and John Joe Howlett of the Secret Service and J. C. Day, J. W. Fritz, and Marrion L. Baker of the Dallas police, all of whom participated in the investigation into the assassination; Mary Jane Robertson, a secretary with the Dallas police; Lyndal L. Shaneyfelt, a photography expert with the Federal Bureau of Investigation; James C. Cadigan, a questioned document expert with the Federal Bureau of Investigation; Earlene Roberts, housekeeper in the roominghouse occupied by Lee Harvey Oswald at the time of the assassination; Senator Ralph W. Yarborough, who was riding in the motorcade; Kenneth O’Donnell, Lawrence F. O’Brien, and David F. Powers, assistants to President Kennedy, who were riding in the motorcade and testified concerning the planning of the Dallas trip and the motorcade; Clifton C. Carter, assistant to President Johnson, Earle Cabell, former Mayor of Dallas, and Mrs. Earle Cabell, all of whom were riding in the motorcade; Philip L. Willis, James W. Altgens, and Abraham Zapruder, who took pictures of the motorcade during the assassination, and Linda K. Willis, Philip L. Willis’ daughter; Buell Wesley Frazier, who drove Oswald home on the evening of November 21, and back to work on the morning of November 22; Joe Marshall Smith, Welcome Eugene Barnett, Eddy Raymond Walthers, James Thomas Tague, Emmett J. Hudson, and Edgar Leon Smith, Jr., who were present at the assassination scene; Perdue William Lawrence, a Dallas police captain who testified concerning the positioning of policemen along the motorcade route; Ronald G. Wittmus, a fingerprint expert with the Federal Bureau of Investigation; Robert A. Frazier, Cortlandt Cunningham, and Charles L. Killion, firearms identification experts with the Federal Bureau of Investigation; Robert Brock, Mary Brock, and Harold Russell, who were present in the vicinity of the Tippit crime scene; and David Goldstein, the owner of a firearms store in Dallas.


Preface v
Testimony of—
Johnny Calvin Brewer 1
Julia Postal 8
Warren H. Burroughs 14
Bob K. Carroll 17
Thomas Alexander Hutson 26
C. T. Walker 34
Gerald Lynn Hill 43
J. M. Poe 66
John Gibson 70
James Putnam 74
Rio S. Pierce 76
Calvin Bud Owens 78
William Arthur Smith 82
George Jefferson Applin, Jr 85
Ray Hawkins 91
L. D. Montgomery 96
Marvin Johnson 100
Seymour Weitzman 105
W. R. Westbrook 109
Elmer L. Boyd 119
Robert Lee Studebaker 137
C. N. Dhority 149, 380
Richard M. Sims 158
Richard S. Stovall 186
Walter Eugene Potts 195
John P. Adamcik 202
Henry M. Moore 212
F. M. Turner 217
Guy F. Rose 227
W. E. Perry 232
Richard L. Clark 235
Don R. Ables 239
Daniel Gutierrez Lujan 243
C. W. Brown 246
L. C. Graves 251
James R. Leavelle 260
W. E. Barnes 270
J. B. Hicks 286
Harry D. Holmes 289, 525
James W. Bookhout 308
Manning C. Clements 318
Gregory Lee Olds 322
H. Louis Nichols 325
Forrest V. Sorrels 332, 592
William J. Waldman 360
Mitchell J. Scibor 370
Heinz W. Michaelis 372
J. C. Cason 379
Roy S. Truly 380, 591
Warren Caster 386
Eddie Piper 388
William H. Shelley 390
Edward Shields 393
Sam Guinyard 395
J. C. Day 401
Thomas J. Kelley 403, 590
J. W. Fritz 403
Mary Jane Robertson 404
Lyndal L. Shaneyfelt 410
James C. Cadigan 418
Earlene Roberts 439
Hon. Ralph W. Yarborough 439
Kenneth P. O’Donnell 440
Lawrence F. O’Brien 457
David F. Powers 472
Clifton C. Carter 474
Earle Cabell 476
Mrs. Earle Cabell 485
Philip L. Willis 492
Linda Kay Willis 498
Helen Markham 499
Mrs. Donald Baker 507
James W. Altgens 515
Buell Wesley Frazier 531
Joe Marshall Smith 531
Welcome Eugene Barnett 539
Eddy Raymond Walthers 544
James Thomas Tague 552
Emmett J. Hudson 558
Edgar Leon Smith, Jr 565
Abraham Zapruder 569
Perdue William Lawrence 577
Ronald G. Wittmus 590
Robert A. Frazier 590
Cortlandt Cunningham 591
Charles L. Killion 591
John Joe Howlett 592
Marrion L. Baker 592
Robert Brock 593
Mary Brock 593
Harold Russell 594
David Goldstein 594



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Warren Commission (07 of 26): Hearings Vol. VII (of 15)
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Baker Exhibit No. 1 512
Barnes Exhibit:
A 273
B 273
C 273
D 273
E 273
F 275
Brock (Mary) Exhibit A. 593
Brock (Robert) Exhibit A. 593
Cabell Exhibit No. 1 476
Cadigan Exhibit No.:
1 419
2 419
3 419
3-A 420
4 420
5 421
6 421
7 421
8 421
9 421
10 421
11 423
12 424
13 424
14 425
15 428
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22 431
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25 436
26 437
27 437
28 437
29 437
30 437
Dhority Exhibit:
A 154
B 154
Gibson Exhibit A 71
Hill Exhibit:
A 50
B 52
C 53
Holmes Exhibit No.:
1 292
1-A 527
2 294
2-A 528
3 295
3-A 529
4 297
5 307
6 307
Hudson Exhibit No. 1 562
Kelley Exhibit A 403
Lawrence Exhibit No.:
1 579
2 585
3 586
4 589
Leavelle Exhibit A. 270
Markham Exhibit No.:
1 500
2 505
Michaelis Exhibit No.:
1 374
2 377
3 377
4 378
5 378
Moore Exhibit No. 1 214
Nichols Exhibit A 332
Potts Exhibit: