Warren Commission (06 of 26): Hearings Vol. VI (of 15)

Warren Commission (06 of 26): Hearings Vol. VI (of 15)

United States. Warren Commission
United States. Warren Commission

Author: United States. Warren Commission
John F. (John Fitzgerald)
1917-1963 — Assassination
Lee Harvey
Warren Commission (06 of 26): Hearings Vol. VI (of 15)
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Before the President’s Commission
on the Assassination
of President Kennedy

Pursuant To Executive Order 11130, an Executive order creating a Commission to ascertain, evaluate, and report upon the facts relating to the assassination of the late President John F. Kennedy and the subsequent violent death of the man charged with the assassination and S.J. Res. 137, 88th Congress, a concurrent resolution conferring upon the Commission the power to administer oaths and affirmations, examine witnesses, receive evidence, and issue subpenas

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Chief Justice Earl Warren, Chairman

  • Senator Richard B. Russell
  • Senator John Sherman Cooper
  • Representative Hale Boggs
  • Representative Gerald R. Ford
  • Mr. Allen W. Dulles
  • Mr. John J. McCloy
  • J. Lee Rankin, General Counsel
  • Assistant Counsel
  • Francis W. H. Adams
  • Joseph A. Ball
  • David W. Belin
  • William T. Coleman, Jr.
  • Melvin Aron Eisenberg
  • Burt W. Griffin
  • Leon D. Hubert, Jr.
  • Albert E. Jenner, Jr.
  • Wesley J. Liebeler
  • Norman Redlich
  • W. David Slawson
  • Arlen Specter
  • Samuel A. Stern
  • Howard P. WillensA
  • Staff Members
  • Phillip Barson
  • Edward A. Conroy
  • John Hart Ely
  • Alfred Goldberg
  • Murray J. Laulicht
  • Arthur Marmor
  • Richard M. Mosk
  • John J. O’Brien
  • Stuart Pollak
  • Alfredda Scobey
  • Charles N. Shaffer, Jr.

Biographical information on the Commissioners and the staff can be found in the Commission’s Report.

A Mr. Willens also acted as liaison between the Commission and the Department of Justice.


The testimony of the following witnesses is contained in volume VI: Drs. Charles J. Carrico, Malcolm Oliver Perry, William Kemp Clark, Robert Nelson McClelland, Charles Rufus Baxter, Marion Thomas Jenkins, Ronald Coy Jones, Don Teel Curtis, Fouad A. Bashour, Gene Coleman Akin, Paul Conrad Peters, Adolph Hartung Giesecke, Jr., Jackie Hansen Hunt, Kenneth Everett Salyer, and Martin G. White, who attended President Kennedy at Parkland Hospital; Drs. Robert Roeder Shaw, Charles Francis Gregory, George T. Shires, and Richard Brooks Dulany, who attended Governor Connally at Parkland Hospital; Ruth Jeanette Standridge, Jane Carolyn Wester, Henrietta M. Ross, R. J. Jimison, and Darrell C. Tomlinson, who testified concerning Governor Connally’s stretcher; Diana Hamilton Bowron, Margaret M. Henchliffe, and Doris Mae Nelson, who testified concerning President Kennedy’s stretcher; Charles Jack Price, the Administrator of Parkland Hospital; Malcolm O. Couch, Tom C. Dillard, James Robert Underwood, James N. Crawford, Mary Ann Mitchell, Barbara Rowland, Ronald B. Fischer, Robert Edwin Edwards, Jean Lollis Hill, Austin L. Miller, Frank E. Reilly, Earle V. Brown, Royce G. Skelton, S. M. Holland, J. W. Foster, J. C. White, Joe E. Murphy, Roger D. Craig, George W. Rackley, Sr., James Elbert Romack, Lee E. Bowers, Jr., B. J. Martin, Bobby W. Hargis, Clyde A. Haygood, E. D. Brewer, D. V. Harkness, J. Herbert Sawyer, and Gerald Dalton Henslee, who were present at the assassination scene; William H. Shelley, Nat A. Pinkston, Billy Nolan Lovelady, Frankie Kaiser, Charles Douglas Givens, Troy Eugene West, Danny G. Arce, Joe R. Molina, Jack Edwin Dougherty, Eddie Piper, Victoria Elizabeth Adams, Geneva L. Hine, and Doris Burns, employees of the Texas School Book Depository; Mary E. Bledsoe, William W. Whaley, and Mrs. Earlene Roberts, who gave testimony concerning Oswald’s movements following the assassination; and Domingo Benavides, and Mrs. Charles Davis, who were present in the vicinity of the Tippit crime scene.


Preface v
Testimony of—
Charles J. Carrico 1
Malcolm Oliver Perry 7
William Kemp Clark 18
Robert Nelson McClelland 30
Charles Rufus Baxter 39
Marion Thomas Jenkins 45
Ronald Coy Jones 51
Don Teel Curtis 57
Fouad A. Bashour 61
Gene Coleman Akin 63
Paul Conrad Peters 68
Adolph Hartung Giesecke, Jr 72
Jackie Hansen Hunt 76
Kenneth Everett Salyer 80
Martin G. White 82
Robert Shaw 83
Charles Francis Gregory 95
George T. Shires 104
Richard Brooks Dulany 113
Ruth Jeanette Standridge 115
Jane Carolyn Wester 120
Henrietta M. Ross 123
R. J. Jimison 125
Darrell C. Tomlimson 128
Diana Hamilton Bowron 134
Margaret M. Henchliffe 139
Doris Mae Nelson 143
Charles Jack Price 148
Malcolm O. Couch 153
Tom C. Dillard 162
James Robert Underwood 167
James N. Crawford 171
Mary Ann Mitchell 175
Barbara Rowland 177
Ronald B. Fischer 191
Robert Edwin Edwards 200
Jean Lollis Hill 205
Austin L. Miller 223
Frank E. Reilly 227
Earle V. Brown 231
Royce G. Skelton 236
S. M. Holland 239
J. W. Foster 248
J. C. White 253
Joe E. Murphy 256
Roger D. Craig 260
George W. Rackley, Sr 273
James Elbert Romack 277
Lee E. Bowers, Jr 284
B. J. Martin 289
Bobby W. Hargis 293
Clyde A. Haygood 296
E. D. Brewer 302
D. V. Harkness 308
J. Herbert Sawyer 315
Gerald Dalton Henslee 325
William H. Shelley 327
Nat A. Pinkston 334
Billy Nolan Lovelady 336
Frankie Kaiser 341
Charles Douglas Givens 345
Troy Eugene West 356
Danny G. Arce 363
Joe R. Molina 368
Jack Edwin Dougherty 373
Eddie Piper 382
Victoria Elizabeth Adams 386
Geneva L. Hine 393
Doris Burns 397
Mary E. Bledsoe 400
William W. Whaley 428
Earlene Roberts 431
Domingo Benavides 444
Mrs. Charlie Virginia Davis 454


Bowron Exhibit No.: Page
2 138
3 138
4 138
Brewer Exhibit A 304
Brown Exhibit A 236
Davis Exhibit No.:
1 457
2 463
3 465
Dillard Exhibit:
A 166
B 166
C 166
D 166
Dougherty Exhibit:
A 382
B 382
C 382
Edwards Exhibit A 205
Fischer Exhibit No. 1 198
Foster Exhibit:
A 249
B 253
Giesecke Exhibit No. 1 73
Gregory Exhibit No. 1 100
Hill Exhibit No. 5 223
Holland Exhibit:
A 242
B 242
C 243
D 245
Jenkins Exhibit No. 36 50
Jones Exhibit No. 1 55
Kaiser Exhibit:
A 344
B 344
C 344
Miller Exhibit A 227
Molina Exhibit A 368
Murphy Exhibit A 260
Nelson Exhibit No. 1 147
Piper Exhibit A 386
Price Exhibit No.
2 148
3 149
4 149
5 150
6 150
7 150
8 150
9 150
10 151
11 151
12 151
13 151
14 151
15 151
16 151
17 151
18 151
19 151
20 151
21 151
22 151
23 151
24 151
25 151
26 152
27 152
28 152
29 152
30 152
31 152
32 152
33 152
34 152
35 152
Reilly Exhibit A 231
Sawyer Exhibit:
A 318
B 322
Skelton Exhibit A 239
Tomlinson Exhibit No. 2 134
Whaley Exhibit A 430
White Exhibit A 254

Hearings Before the President’s Commission
on the
Assassination of President Kennedy


The testimony of Dr. Charles J. Carrico was taken at 9:30 a.m., on March 25, 1964, at Parkland Memorial Hospital, Dallas, Tex., by Mr. Arlen Specter, assistant counsel of the President’s Commission.
Mr. Specter. May the record show that Dr. Charles J. Carrico is present in response to a letter request for him to appear so that his deposition may be taken in connection with the proceedings of the President’s Commission on the Investigation of the Assassination of President Kennedy in connection with the inquiry into all phases of that assassination, including medical care rendered at Parkland Memorial Hospital.
Dr. Carrico has been asked to testify relating to the treatment which he rendered the President at Parkland Hospital. With that preliminary statement of purpose, Dr. Carrico, would you please stand up and raise your right hand.
Do you solemnly swear the testimony you will give before the President’s Commission in this deposition proceeding will be the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, so help you God?
Dr. Carrico. I do.
Mr. Specter. Would you state your full name for the record, please?
Dr. Carrico. Charles James Carrico.
Mr. Specter. What is your profession, sir?
Dr. Carrico. Physician.
Mr. Specter. Are you duly licensed by the State of Texas to practice medicine?
Dr. Carrico. Yes.
Mr. Specter. And would you outline briefly your educational background, please?
Dr. Carrico. I attended grade school and high school in Denton, Tex.; received a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry from North Texas State College in 1957, and an M.D. from Southwestern Medical School in 1961, and served an internship at Parkland Memorial Hospital from 1961 to 1962, and a year of Fellowship in Surgery at Southwestern, followed by my residency here.
Mr. Specter. Are you working toward any specialty training, Doctor?
Dr. Carrico. I am engaged in a general surgery residency which will qualify me for my boards in general surgery.

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Warren Commission (06 of 26): Hearings Vol. VI (of 15)
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