The White Spark / A New Book, Giving Out a New Philosophy and the Mysteries of the Universe. The Handbook of the Millennium and the New Dispensation

The White Spark / A New Book, Giving Out a New Philosophy and the Mysteries of the Universe. The Handbook of the Millennium and the New Dispensation

Orville Livingston Leach
Orville Livingston Leach

Author: Leach, Orville Livingston
The White Spark
A New Book, Giving Out a New Philosophy and the Mysteries of the Universe. The Handbook of the Millennium and the New Dispensation


A New Book, giving out a New
Philosophy and the Mysteries
of the Universe

The Handbook of the Millennium
and the New Dispensation


This book is called The White Spark as the white spark or vacuum cell in Nature IS THE RIGHT HAND OF GOD—it is a ubiquitous principle of the universe and is the cause and parent of electricity, combustion, radium, snow-flakes, flowers, trees, leaves, crystallization, wireless telegraphy, animal forms and EVEN LIFE ITSELF.
This book is the key to every department of human endeavor, as it enunciates the basic principle and THE PRIME MOVER of the universe.
It tells the road to health, the cause and cure of disease, the truth about the germ humbug and drug treatments, serums and antitoxins.
It shows why luminosity is produced on the flesh of various organisms, why a slice of pollock when first iced, then heated to 100 degrees and then thrust into a temperature of 50 degrees becomes luminous.
It shows the farmer that he can become a magician of agriculture—tells that the nitrogen of the air is only a dust of quartz rocks, like the invisible moisture of the air is “a dust of water”—that the nodules on the roots of the clover and legumes do not abstract nitrogen from the air, for if they did nature would have placed these bacteriological growths on the vine and not the root, the scientists have the cart before the horse in this case and the nodular cells form the proteids from sand or silica, this book tells how it is done.
It tells what a trance is and how the soul can leave the body temporarily.
How JESUS CHRIST is carrying out the biblical prophesy by TELEPATHY.
Gives the truths about the ideal society, alcohol, drunkenness, causes of crime, longevity and law.
It shows why milk from the cow at 100 degrees of temperature if suddenly cooled to 50 degrees by the small stream process will keep long and remain free from bacteria—how radioactivity kills the germs of fermentation and prevents ptomaine poisoning and why out door livers or moderately working farmers are the centennarians.
Gives the statistics to prove the evils of alcohol and fast living.
Shows that all force even gravity is a radioactive emanation from the white sparks and that universal gravitation is a vagary, that the planets move on orbits which are RIBBONS OF FORCE like the gulf stream.
The author is the man who converted the great scientists to the idea that matter was simply “A HOLE IN THE ETHER” and that the ether was the real and only element in the universe.
This proves the truth of the biblical statement, that God made the world out of nothing, and that matter is simply spirit in motion.
This book shows how all the conditions of crime react upon us, that physiology and rectitude are interdependent and although you do not go to hell, yet hell will come to you if you transgress the laws of God and Nature.
It shows the power of mind over the body and that the religion of Jesus is not a fluke to satisfy a whim but is a great commercial like business. There is no vicarious atonement in Nature, She does not bandy and has no favorites, you get what you pay for, She keeps no books but has an automatic adjustment which regulates accounts as you go along and marks your soul for the future as well.
This book advocates churches and pastors or teachers who are God’s Noblemen and it advocates THEOCRATIC DEMOCRACY for if you love God and your neighbor you are the CORRECT LAW.
But you can never overrule the law that your temper, rage, cruelty and vindictiveness will be uncontrollable as long as you use tobacco, alcohol and meats, and WAR WILL NOT BE ANNIHILATED UNTIL YOU REFORM YOUR DIET AND HABITS. “Abstinence begets spirituality—dissipation crime”, and yourself, your wife, children, associates, animals and humanity suffer—you have misapprehensions, moroseness and misery.
War is the result of selfishness, greed, graft, ignorance and animalism and it advocates education of the individual to the end that he shall combine and amalgamate his power with his fellow citizen, when he can control WAR and government.
This book shows that diffusion of light and the freezing of water into ice is from one white spark radiating “high frequency” straight cold rays against its warm neighboring molecule and causing it to become a white spark itself, it gives “contagion,” it shows that the ether or spirit gives “contagious transmission of ideas.”
It explains MONISM as being correct and that there is but one God.
It explains that all of the material of a combustive nature Naturally is censored by going to the intestines, and here it is emulsified and coated with an incombustive coat of albumen, if an oil and if starch is turned into sugar which in turn is changed to an oily substance in the liver later and this is subsequently emulsified for eligibility to the blood, but alcohol, essential oils and the organic bases sneak into the blood surreptitiously, therefore “medicine” is not food, there may be times when a stimulant is a pathological aid and the germs often make a stimulant in the body to help over a bad condition, as when the system contains useless material which is a load on the organs or when minerals or “humors” embalm the system, but only a limited amount is a medicine, any more is a poison, these cases are anomalies and under proper conditions are transgressions of Nature.
This book shows that we can live upon a few cents per day and be stronger and better in every way—it shows why many who gave up eating meat failed and how they can discard the evil and cease to make graveyards of their stomachs—the author has experimented with dogs and cats and found that by feeding milk and well cooked oat-meal from the weaning period till maturity they throve and were happier gentler and more active and vivacious.

Meat causes man to be peevish, ill tempered and criminal, like tobacco, alcohol and drugs.
The differentation of animal bodies can be met by the cooking of the cereals, the short intestines and other conditions of carnivorous animals are not inhibitions to the discarding of meat as a food.
Man and animals require pure soft water, hard and polluted water is a cause of much unsuspected poisoning and the hidden cause of “epidemics” and diseases—all water should be analyzed before being accepted as satisfactory.
Mineralized waters are not desirable and the waters from some wells and springs are fit for plants but will disorder the liver and constipate the bowels—many farms are in the grip of misfortune and losses from having bad water for the use of the home and the animals.
All of the unused elements which are thrown into the large intestine as waste should be discharged regularly and in cases of constipation a mild laxative like Cascara Sagrada or Senna should be taken to help Nature.
The great category of medicines of the doctors is a farce and there is no mysterious “selective affinity” for certain drugs, but all elements have either one of two actions—a stimulating process or a refrigerating or embalming process, some remedies go to the liver and counteract the embalming action and aid the flow of bile and some may be of a resinous nature and saponify in the alkalies of the intestines and aid their action.
It will be seen that the book simplifies medicine to TWO PRINCIPLES, one counteracting the other like heat and cold but these actions are unnatural and undesirable; it is only by avoiding discrepancies and ameliorations that we follow Nature.
The book explains that the differentations and forms in the universe are the results of two forces, the curved force and the straight force, just the same as every word in English language is made up of letters having only two kinds of lines, the straight and the curved lines. The book tells just what occurs in the life cells and protoplasm; this is a remarkable discovery and to show how much so, we quote from Le Bon the great Scientist, he says: “THE SCHOLAR CAPABLE OF SOLVING BY HIS INTELLIGENCE THE PROBLEMS SOLVED EVERY MOMENT BY THE CELLS OF THE LOWEST CREATURE WOULD BE SO MUCH HIGHER THAN OTHER MEN THAT HE MIGHT BE CONSIDERED BY THEM AS A GOD.” (From EVOLUTION OF FORCES, p. 363).

Haeckel declared that a cell did not go to the bottom of the secret of life and that we must allow that the naked protoplasm itself held the secret of life, this book proves that protoplasm is composed of molecules with centers of sulphur and phosphorus which conformed into WHITE SPARKS by the alternations of heat and cold, the SPARKS contain spirit and each spark has a quiet center or consciousness and a potential of radiation of force.
This book is terse and compact, is printed on good paper and bound with red cloth with gold letters.





Printed by the
Providence, R. I.

The White Spark

Part First.

This work is an exposition of a NEW PHILOSOPHY, and although it has been taught to a number of highly educated men,—in a technical way, we have had many suggestions made to us to publish a work which the “work-a-day” people can understand,—some have said: “It is too far above me,” and “why don’t you explain it so everybody may understand it.”
In this section we have especially planned to overcome all such incongruities.
First of all we want to say that nature is a strict economist of time, material and energy—her acts and laws are the simplest possible.
When you see any philosophy that is complicated, it is wrong, but if it teaches simplicity it is right—the orthodox creeds have maintained that the universe contained two distinct and eternal elements—MATERIAL AND SPIRIT—but this is complication—can be reduced,—WE ARE MONISTS AND “PANTHEISTS” and we are right,—there is ONLY ONE ELEMENT IN THE UNIVERSE, AND THAT IS THE PRISTINE SPIRIT.
This is all that is needed to form the universe, and we will show that matter is simply an enclosure of SPACE or nothing, having an outline of spirit which is in such swift motion that it holds the outline—water can be sent through the air so swiftly that it will turn aside a steel bar.
To better illustrate the fact we will take a blackboard and paint it all over with whitewash, then we take a wet sponge and wipe out round figures—these will show as black spaces outlined by the white—these black spaces represent SPACE or nothing, while the white represent SPIRIT—the black spots then represent MATTER. They are really nothing, only a form outlined and held by motion of spirit or “ETHER.”
The statement in catechisms that “GOD MADE THE WORLD OUT OF NOTHING” is then correct, although the statement has been called impossible by many scientists.

Our philosophy was the first to enunciate the true nature of matter, atoms, molecules and electrons. Previous to this atoms were considered as solid indivisible particles. Later the scientists said matter was condensed spirit or ether. I imagined so myself once, but upon reflection I said, “THE ETHER CAN PASS THROUGH EVERYTHING, SO WHAT COULD HOLD IT OR COMPRESS IT?” And spirit or ether could not compress ether, as ether is all alike.
To show our part in teaching the world the truth we will go into a little history.
As the readers of this work have probably never read THE LATCH KEY, I will reprint two paragraphs verbatim, numbers 6 and 17.
Paragraph 6 will require some explanation. Count Rumford claimed that heat was nothing but a motion, and in some cases this is so, a motion of the atoms in a body, but a line of spirit from the sun will cause atoms on the earth to move, and thus is the real cause of heat, and so radiation of force or spirit from burning wood will create heat. Perhaps we have in this paragraph used the nature of spirit rather vaguely in saying heat is the “prime mover,” but heat in one way is spirit, or analogous to spirit.

Matter Is Only Space or Nothing, With a Wall of Spirit.

Fire was held in sublime awe by the Egyptians and the sun was worshipped as the source of Divine Power. The wonderful Pyramids are supposed to have been erected for the glorification of these subtile forces in Nature.
Modern thought reverts to ancient ideas.
Fire is simply spirit in motion.
Heat is a circular or circumscribed motion or direction in which spirit is moving—it is the “Prime Mover” of organization, the creator of matter and the parent of the universe!
A centrifugal act occurring from the intellectual fiat of spirit—leaving a center, a whirling away of spirit to a certain circumference or distance from a center leaving space in the center—this is materialization, a creating of matter, the formation of an atom, from nothing!

The Point of a Pin Illustrates the Annihilation of Matter.

A point continued to an absolute end must end in spirit! Matter is cut down to something beyond our senses; the absolute end of a point may contain an atom, but matter ends here—here where one single whirl of spirit surrounds the smallest amount of space possible. Beyond there is no whirl or motion of spirit, consequently no matter, yet there is now unparticled spirit.
It is the very fact that the ether is not compressible that allows a wireless signal to be given a thousand miles away instantly. It is just the same as if you had a long stick and punched a bell 20 feet away.
I sent my work, “The Latch Key,” to Sir Oliver Lodge and Sir William Crookes in 1904. Its philosophy was buried for three years before the ideas were presented to the British Association for the Advancement of Science.
Sir William Crookes wrote to me in 1904 stating that he had received my pamphlet, but he was just leaving home for a vacation of two weeks and when he returned he would give it his attention.
In Sir Oliver’s great work, called “Life and Matter,” he wrote: “But it appears now that an atom may break up into electric charges, and these again may some day be found capable of resolving themselves into pristine ether. In that case the ether alone persists. It is the most fundamental entity.”
In another book called “Modern Views of Electricity” he said: “Ether is somehow affected by the immediate neighborhood of gross matter, and it appears to be concentrated inside it to an extent depending on the density of the matter.”
So it is seen that Sir Oliver at this time believed that matter was compressed or condensed ether.
In my pamphlets I explained that the ether could not be compressed, as it was capable of passing through all substance, and that matter was not more of the ether, but instead was less, and that atoms were simply spots of pure space or “nothing,” and that the ether or its moving lines or sheets simply whirled around on empty space while what was called a vacuum was really the habitat of real material, or the ether.
In 1907 Sir Oliver accepted this new version of the nature of matter, and it was the cause of much excitement in the British Association, so much so that the report reached America and Prof. Serviss wrote an article about it in the Boston Sunday American in October, 1907, in which he says: “The answer as recently given by Sir Oliver Lodge is amazing beyond belief. The solidest thing in existence, he avers, is the very thing which for generations has been universally regarded as the lightest, the most imperceptible, the most utterly tenuous and evanescent beyond all definition or computation—the ether!” And in the same article he says: “Matter, Prof. Osborne Reynolds has asserted, instead of being, as we innocently believe on the evidence of our senses, the only real and solid thing in nature is, in fact, the absence or deficiency of mass.”
The following is an article by Sir Oliver Lodge in regard to spirits:

“Though for many years, ever since the eighties, I have tried all sorts of other methods of explaining these things, they have gradually been eliminated one after the other, and now no explanations remain except the simple one that the people who communicate are really the individuals they claim to be. Not always, of course. One has to prove them in every case. But still the conclusion is that survival of existence can be scientifically proved by actual psychical investigation.

“That all leads to a perception of the unity running through all states of existence. That is why I say that man is not alone; that is why I say that I know he is surrounded by other intelligences. If you once step over the boundary beyond man, there is no limit to higher and higher intelligences up to the Infinite Intelligence himself. There is no stopping; you go on and must go on until you come to God.
“It is no strange land to which I am leading you. The Cosmos is one. We here on this planet are limited in certain ways and are blind to much that is going on; but I tell you we are surrounded by beings working with us, cooperating, helping such as people in visions have had some perception of. And that which religion tells us, that saints and angels are with us, that the Master Himself is helping us, is, I believe, literally true.”

In presenting this work to the public we claim no right to inject any fallacies into the mind of the reader, and as far as we can discover there is no cause for any misapprehension in regard to our statements. THERE IS ONLY ONE TRUTH to any question, and all we base our claims upon is our ability to present facts pertaining to our enunciations.
Fallacies are very short lived among persons who use their brains, and the only credit which any philosophy earns is from the good precepts which it inculcates, the value which it proves to the world and the TRUTH WHICH IT HOLDS.
It is usually the case that a careless person resents any philosophy which conflicts with their habits, no matter how many facts you present to them or how much history you cite to them in proof of your statements.
The use of tobacco and liquor deadens the users’ alertness to safeguarding their own welfare, and in many cases with poisons and also diet the only thing we can do is to try to have you learn the truth, and if the end of the rope has been reached and you are at the ebb of life and hope, you will have more willingness to conform to the laws of life. If you don’t need our philosophy as a “missionary,” some time, you may want it as a doctor. Learn it, anyway.
The greatest field for fruitful efforts is with the children. If we can prevent their using improper articles of food and drink and teach them the nature of their effects, then we may find better soil for the seeds of rectitude. Of course a little dissipation may not always cause great trouble.
There is but ONE GOD and we may tell about SAVIOURS, “SONS OF GOD” and the TRINITY, but there is only one SAVIOUR and that is A TEACHER—either a SPIRIT or a HUMAN BEING—and the only salvation is in the following of Natural Laws which are GOD’S BIBLE. There are Natural laws which are OCCULT LAWS, and these sometimes contravene what we may call “LAWS OF MATTER.”
The use of stimulants is just the same as if you should use a 104 volt electric lamp on a current with 250 volts. It would be burnt out; and so your nerves which are the wires of the body are wasted away by stimulants. They are all

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The White Spark / A New Book, Giving Out a New Philosophy and the Mysteries of the Universe. The Handbook of the Millennium and the New Dispensation
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