Catalogue of Special Technical Works for Manufacturers, Students, and Technical Schools. May 1904

Catalogue of Special Technical Works for Manufacturers, Students, and Technical Schools. May 1904

Co. Scott
Co. Scott

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Catalogue of Special Technical Works for Manufacturers, Students, and Technical Schools. May 1904
MAY, 1904.

Special Technical Works
Manufacturers, Students, and Technical Schools


Agricultural Chemistry, 10
Air, Industrial Use of, 11
Alum and its Sulphates, 9
Ammonia, 9
Aniline Colours, 3
Animal Fats, 6
Anti-corrosive Paints, 4
Architecture, Terms in, 30
Architectural Pottery, 16
Artificial Perfumes, 7
Balsams, 10
Bibliography, 32
Bleaching, 23
Bone Products, 8
Bookbinding, 31
Brick-making, 15, 16
Burnishing Brass, 28
Carpet Yarn Printing, 21
Ceramic Books, 14, 15
Charcoal, 8
Chemical Essays, 9
Chemistry of Pottery, 17
Chemistry of Dye-stuffs, 23
Clay Analysis, 16
Coal-dust Firing, 26
Colour Matching, 21
Colliery Recovery Work, 25
Colour-mixing for Dyers, 21
Colour Theory, 22
Combing Machines, 24
Compounding Oils, 6
Condensing Apparatus, 26
Cosmetics, 7
Cotton Dyeing, 22
Cotton Spinning, 24
Damask Weaving, 20
Dampness in Buildings, 30
Decorators’ Books, 28
Decorative Textiles, 20
Dental Metallurgy, 27
Dictionary of Paint Materials, 3
Drying Oils, 5
Drying with Air, 11
Dyeing Marble, 31
Dyeing Woollen Fabrics, 22
Dyers’ Materials, 21
Dye-stuffs, 23
Enamelling Metal, 18
Enamels, 18
Engraving, 31
Essential Oils, 7
Evaporating Apparatus, 26
External Plumbing, 27
Fats, 5, 6
Faults in Woollen Goods, 20
Gas Firing, 26
Glass-making Recipes, 17
Glass Painting, 17
Glue Making and Testing, 8
Greases, 5
History of Staffs Potteries, 16
Hops, 28
Hot-water Supply, 28
How to make a Woollen Mill Pay, 21
India-rubber, 13
Inks, 3, 11
Iron-corrosion, 4
Iron, Science of, 26
Japanning, 28
Lacquering, 28
Lake Pigments, 3
Lead and its Compounds, 11
Leather Industry, 13
Leather-working Materials, 14
Lithography, 31
Lubricants, 5, 6
Manures, 8, 10
Mineral Pigments, 2
Mine Ventilation, 25
Mine Haulage, 25
Oil and Colour Recipes, 3
Oil Boiling, 4
Oil Merchants’ Manual, 7
Oils, 5
Ozone, Industrial Use of, 12
Paint Manufacture, 2
Paint Materials, 3
Paint-material Testing, 4
Paper-pulp Dyeing, 18
Petroleum, 10
Pigments, Chemistry of, 11
Plumbers’ Work, 9
Porcelain Painting, 9
Pottery Clays, 3
Pottery Manufacture, 6
Power-loom Weaving, 4
Preserved Foods, 30
Printers’ Ready Reckoner, 16
Printing Inks, 7
Recipes for Oilmen, etc., 10
Resins, 32
Risks of Occupations, 23
Rivetting China, etc., 8
Sanitary Plumbing, 31
Scheele’s Essays, 15, 16
Sealing Waxes, 28
Silk Dyeing, 21
Silk Throwing, 14, 15
Smoke Prevention, 8
Soaps, 9
Spinning, 17
Staining Marble, and Bone, 23
Steam Drying, 16
Sugar Refining, 26
Steel Hardening, 21
Sweetmeats, 25
Terra-cotta, 21
Testing Paint Materials, 22
Testing Yarns, 24
Textile Fabrics, 6
Textile Materials, 26
Timber, 7
Varnishes, 22
Vegetable Fats, 24
Waste Utilisation, 20
Water, Industrial Use, 30
Waterproofing Fabrics, 28
Weaving Calculations, 20
Wood Waste Utilisation, 27
Wood Dyeing, 3
Wool Dyeing, 5
Writing Inks, 11
X-Ray Work, 31
Yarn Testing, 20

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Paints, Colours and Printing Inks.

THE CHEMISTRY OF PIGMENTS. By Ernest J. Parry, B.Sc. (Lond.), F.I.C., F.C.S., and J. H. Coste, F.I.C., F.C.S. Demy 8vo. Five Illustrations. 285 pp. 1902. Price 10s. 6d.; India and Colonies, 11s.; Other Countries, 12s.; strictly net.

Introductory. Light—White Light—The Spectrum—The Invisible Spectrum—Normal Spectrum—Simple Nature of Pure Spectral Colour—The Recomposition of White Light—Primary and Complementary Colours—Coloured Bodies—Absorption Spectra—The Application of Pigments. Uses of Pigments: Artistic, Decorative, Protective—Methods of Application of Pigments: Pastels and Crayons, Water Colour, Tempera Painting, Fresco, Encaustic Painting, Oil-colour Painting, Keramic Art, Enamel, Stained and Painted Glass, Mosaic—Inorganic Pigments. White Lead—Zinc White—Enamel White—Whitening—Red Lead—Litharge—Vermilion—Royal Scarlet—The Chromium Greens—Chromates of Lead, Zinc, Silver and Mercury—Brunswick Green—The Ochres—Indian Red—Venetian Red—Siennas and Umbers—Light Red—Cappagh Brown—Red Oxides—Mars Colours—Terre Verte—Prussian Brown—Cobalt Colours—Cœruleum—Smalt—Copper Pigments—Malachite—Bremen Green—Scheele’s Green—Emerald Green—Verdigris—Brunswick Green—Non-arsenical Greens—Copper Blues—Ultramarine—Carbon Pigments—Ivory Black—Lamp Black—Bistre—Naples Yellow—Arsenic Sulphides: Orpiment, Realgar—Cadmium Yellow—Vandyck Brown—Organic Pigments. Prussian Blue—Natural Lakes—Cochineal—Carmine—Crimson—Lac Dye—Scarlet—Madder—Alizarin—Campeachy—Quercitron—Rhamnus—Brazil Wood—Alkanet—Santal Wood—Archil—Coal-tar Lakes—Red Lakes—Alizarin Compounds—Orange and Yellow Lakes—Green and Blue Lakes—Indigo—Dragon’s Blood—Gamboge—Sepia—Indian Yellow, Puree—Bitumen. Asphaltum, Mummy—Index.

THE MANUFACTURE OF PAINT. A Practical Handbook for Paint Manufacturers, Merchants and Painters. By J. Cruickshank Smith, B.Sc. Demy 8vo. 1901. 200 pp. Sixty Illustrations and One Large Diagram. Price 7s. 6d.; India and Colonies, 8s.; Other Countries, 8s. 6d.; strictly net.

Preparation of Raw Material—Storing of Raw Material—Testing and Valuation of Raw Material—Paint Plant and Machinery—The Grinding of White Lead—Grinding of White Zinc—Grinding of other White Pigments—Grinding of Oxide Paints—Grinding of Staining Colours—Grinding of Black Paints—Grinding of Chemical Colours—Yellows—Grinding of Chemical Colours—Blues—Grinding Greens—Grinding Reds—Grinding Lakes—Grinding Colours in Water—Grinding Colours in Turpentine—The Uses of Paint—Testing and Matching Paints—Economic Considerations—Index.

THE MANUFACTURE OF MINERAL AND LAKE PIGMENTS. Containing Directions for the Manufacture of all Artificial, Artists and Painters’ Colours, Enamel, Soot and Metallic Pigments. A Text-book for Manufacturers, Merchants, Artists and Painters. By Dr. Josef Bersch. Translated by A. C. Wright, M.A. (Oxon.), B.Sc. (Lond.). Forty-three Illustrations. 476 pp., demy 8vo. 1901. Price 12s. 6d.; India and Colonies 13s. 6d.; Other Countries, 15s.; strictly net.

Introduction—Physico-chemical Behaviour of Pigments—Raw Materials Employed in the Manufacture of Pigments-Assistant Materials-Metallic Compounds-The Manufacture of Mineral Pigments—The Manufacture of White Lead—Enamel White—Washing Apparatus—Zinc White—Yellow Mineral Pigments—Chrome Yellow—Lead Oxide Pigments—Other Yellow Pigments—Mosaic Gold—Red Mineral Pigments—The Manufacture of Vermilion—Antimony Vermilion—Ferric Oxide Pigments—Other Red Mineral Pigments—Purple of Cassius—Blue Mineral Pigments—Ultramarine—Manufacture of Ultramarine—Blue Copper Pigments—Blue Cobalt Pigments—Smalts—Green Mineral Pigments—Emerald Green—Verdigris—Chromium Oxide—Other Green Chromium Pigments—Green Cobalt Pigments—Green Manganese Pigments—Compounded Green Pigments—Violet Mineral Pigments—Brown Mineral Pigments—Brown Decomposition Products—Black Pigments—Manufacture of Soot Pigments—Manufacture of Lamp Black—The Manufacture of Soot Black without Chambers—Indian Ink—Enamel Colours—Metallic Pigments—Bronze Pigments—Vegetable Bronze Pigments.
Pigments of Organic Origin—Lakes—Yellow Lakes—Red Lakes—Manufacture of Carmine—The Colouring Matter of Lac—Safflower or Carthamine Red—Madder and its Colouring Matters—Madder Lakes—Manjit (Indian Madder)—Lichen Colouring Matters—Red Wood Lakes—The Colouring Matters of Sandal Wood and Other Dye Woods—Blue Lakes—Indigo Carmine—The Colouring Matter of Log Wood—Green Lakes—Brown Organic Pigments—Sap Colours—Water Colours—Crayons—Confectionery Colours—The Preparation of Pigments for Painting—The Examination of Pigments—Examination of Lakes—The Testing of Dye-Woods—The Design of a Colour Works—Commercial Names of Pigments—Appendix: Conversion of Metric to English Weights and Measures—Centigrade and Fahrenheit Thermometer Scales—Index.

DICTIONARY OF CHEMICALS AND RAW PRODUCTS USED IN THE MANUFACTURE OF PAINTS, COLOURS, VARNISHES AND ALLIED PREPARATIONS. By George H. Hurst, F.C.S. Demy 8vo. 380 pp. 1901. Price 7s. 6d.; India and Colonies, 8s.; Other Countries, 8s. 6d.; strictly net.
THE MANUFACTURE OF LAKE PIGMENTS FROM ARTIFICIAL COLOURS. By Francis H. Jennison, F.I.C., F.C.S. Sixteen Coloured Plates, showing Specimens of Eighty-nine Colours, specially prepared from the Recipes given in the Book. 136 pp. Demy 8vo. 1900. Price 7s. 6d.; India and Colonies, 8s.; Other Countries, 8s. 6d.; strictly net.

The Groups of the Artificial Colouring Matters—The Nature and Manipulation of Artificial Colours—Lake-forming Bodies for Acid Colours—Lake-forming Bodies’ Basic Colours—Lake Bases—The Principles of Lake Formation—Red Lakes—Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Violet and Black Lakes—The Production of Insoluble Azo Colours in the Form of Pigments—The General Properties of Lakes Produced from Artificial Colours—Washing, Filtering and Finishing—Matching and Testing Lake Pigments—Index.

RECIPES FOR THE COLOUR, PAINT, VARNISH, OIL, SOAP AND DRYSALTERY TRADES. Compiled by An Analytical Chemist. 350 pp. 1902. Demy 8vo. Price 7s. 6d.; India and British Colonies, 8s.; Other Countries, 8s. 6d.; strictly net.

Pigments or Colours for Paints, Lithographic and Letterpress Printing Inks, etc.—Mixed Paints and Preparations for Paint-making, Painting, Lime-washing, Paperhanging, etc.—Varnishes for Coach-builders, Cabinetmakers, Wood-workers, Metal-workers, Photographers, etc.—Soaps for Toilet, Cleansing, Polishing, etc.—Perfumes—Lubricating Greases, Oils, etc.—Cements, Pastes, Glues and Other Adhesive Preparations—Writing, Marking, Endorsing and Other Inks—Sealing-wax and Office Requisites—Preparations for the Laundry, Kitchen, Stable and General Household Uses—Disinfectant Preparations—Miscellaneous Preparations—Index.

OIL COLOURS AND PRINTING INKS. By Louis Edgar Andés. Translated from the German. 215 pp. Crown 8vo. 56 Illustrations. 1903. Price 5s.; India and British Colonies, 5s. 6d.; Other Countries, 6s.; strictly Net.

Linseed Oil—Poppy Oil—Mechanical Purification of Linseed Oil—Chemical Purification of Linseed Oil—Bleaching Linseed Oil—Oxidizing Agents for Boiling Linseed Oil—Theory of Oil Boiling—Manufacture of Boiled Oil—Adulterations of Boiled Oil—Chinese Drying Oil and Other Specialities—Pigments for House and Artistic Painting and Inks—Pigment for Printers’ Black Inks—Substitutes for Lampblack—Machinery for Colour Grinding and Rubbing—Machines for mixing Pigments with the Vehicle—Paint Mills—Manufacture of House Oil Paints—Ship Paints—Luminous Paint—Artists’ Colours—Printers’ Inks:—VEHICLES—Printers’ Inks:—PIGMENTS and MANUFACTURE—Index.
(See also Writing Inks, p. 11.)

SIMPLE METHODS FOR TESTING PAINTERS’ MATERIALS. By A. C. Wright, M.A. (Oxon.), B.Sc. (Lond.). Crown 8vo. 160 pp. 1903. Price 5s.; India and British Colonies, 5s. 6d.; Other Countries, 6s.; strictly Net.

Necessity for Testing—Standards—Arrangement—The Apparatus—The Reagents—Practical Tests—Dry Colours—Stiff Paints—Liquid and Enamel Paints—Oil Varnishes—Spirit Varnishes—Driers—Putty—Linseed Oil—Turpentine—Water Stains—The Chemical Examination—Dry Colours and Paints—White Pigments and Paints—Yellow Pigments and Paints—Blue Pigments and Paints—Green Pigments and Paints—Red Pigments and Paints—Brown Pigments and Paints—Black Pigments and Paints—Oil Varnishes—Linseed Oil—Turpentine.

IRON-CORROSION, ANTI-FOULING AND ANTI-CORROSIVE PAINTS. Translated from the German of Louis Edgar Andés. Sixty-two Illustrations. 275 pp. Demy 8vo. 1900. Price 10s. 6d.; India and Colonies, 11s.; Other Countries, 12s.; strictly net.

Iron-rust and its Formation—Protection from Rusting by Paint—Grounding the Iron with Linseed Oil, etc.—Testing Paints—Use of Tar for Painting on Iron—Anti-corrosive Paints—Linseed Varnish—Chinese Wood Oil—Lead Pigments—Iron Pigments—Artificial Iron Oxides—Carbon—Preparation of Anti-corrosive Paints—Results of Examination of Several Anti-corrosive Paints—Paints for Ship’s Bottoms—Anti-fouling Compositions—Various Anti-corrosive and Ship’s Paints—Official Standard Specifications for Ironwork Paints—Index.

THE TESTING AND VALUATION OF RAW MATERIALS USED IN PAINT AND COLOUR MANUFACTURE. By M. W. Jones, F.C.S. A Book for the Laboratories of Colour Works. 88 pp. Crown 8vo. 1900. Price 5s.; India and Colonies, 5s. 6d.; Other Countries, 6s.; strictly net.

Aluminium Compounds—China Clay—Iron Compounds—Potassium Compounds—Sodium Compounds—Ammonium Hydrate—Acids—Chromium Compounds—Tin Compounds—Copper Compounds—Lead Compounds—Zinc Compounds—Manganese Compounds—Arsenic Compounds—Antimony Compounds—Calcium Compounds—Barium Compounds—Cadmium Compounds—Mercury Compounds—Ultramarine—Cobalt and Carbon Compounds—Oils—Index.

STUDENTS’ MANUAL OF PAINTS, COLOURS, OILS AND VARNISHES. By John Furnell. Crown 8vo. 12 Illustrations. 96 pp. 1903. Price 2s. 6d.; Abroad, 3s.; strictly net.

Plant—Chromes—Blues—Greens—Earth Colours—Blacks—Reds—Lakes—Whites—Painters’ Oils—Turpentine—Oil Varnishes—Spirit Varnishes—Liquid Paints—Enamel Paints.

Varnishes and Drying Oils.


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Catalogue of Special Technical Works for Manufacturers, Students, and Technical Schools. May 1904
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